Case study – inventory management sessions Sheila Moody September 9, 2022
Monthly inventory management sessions improve efficiency
Pro-activity coupled with great customer service and oversight = a winning approach



Pharmilink develops and deploys best practices around processes to manage inventory and item obsolescence.



  • Pharmilink offers our clients a variety of push and pull inventory reports and email alerts to help effectively manage your inventory.

    Given how much our clients have on their plates; it’s been our experience that the most beneficial approach is a combination of pro-activity and great customer service and oversight.

    Our Client Engagement team has monthly Inventory Management Session (IMS) with the key client stakeholders and covers:

    • MOH (month on hand / low inventory alerts)
    • Pre-Expiry warnings
    • Expired / Inactive / SD
    • Q/A – pending receiving, set-ups, obsoletes
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