Case study – kitting errors Sheila Moody September 9, 2022
Best Practices Avoid Costly Kitting Errors
Robust process and governing Standard Operating Procedure for Kitting & Co-packing ensures success



Pharmilink has developed and put in place best practices to avoid kitting errors.  These ensure our clients do not make costly mistakes.  We also have a co-packing module in our system that tracks all of the co-packed items from an inventory standpoint which is unique within the industry. 


  • Pharmilink has a robust process and governing SOP for Kitting & Co-packing that involves a Product Matrix document and PMA/PMF process that outlines all sku’s and steps involved.
  • This documented process requires approvals at our operation level and at the client level.
  • This final approved documentation PMA/PMF resides with the project through all stages of the process providing work instructions and visual aids for the Operations and Quality Assurance teams.
  • Multiple quality inspections with verification and controlled/documented release take place at all stages including pre-production/batch pick, in process, finished product, release to inventory and distribution.
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