Case study – managing inactive SKU’s Sheila Moody September 8, 2022
New Process Makes Identifying Obsolete SKU’s Simple



An existing client with over 1000’s SKU’s was having a difficult time managing their OLD/INACTIVE SKU’s. They were having a hard time differentiating these SKU’s from active and were looking for a more streamlined approach & deepen visibility. They also wanted an automated solution to clean these SKU’s out as part of their quarterly stock destruction process


  • Pharmilink recommended a new process and set-up for “OBSOLETE” or “NLA” SKU’s that involved the following: OBSOLETE SKU form that indicates the SKU, date, requestor, current division and category (prior to OBSOLETE/NLA), quantity in inventory, reason for Obsolete, approved method of stock destruct
  • Following receipt of the OBSOLETE SKU form, the Pharmilink team systematically moves the SKU to the “Obsolete division” and follows through with any stock destruction instruction clearing out the inventory.
  • On the clients end they now have a clear and segregated view of their Obsolete SKU’s and can track the action historically.
  • Decisions for future stock destructs can also be handled much more efficiently utilizing the “Obsolete division”. Any returns allocated back to a quarantined/obsolete SKU can quickly get included in future stock destructs based on a client based SOP. This can be pulled in automatically to any Stock Destruct order, not having to pay storage for these OBSOLETE SKU’s.
Obsolete SKU's are easily identified so client no longer pays to store them
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