Our History Sheila Moody September 3, 2022
Our History

The Physicians’ Pharmilink program was launched by Pharmilink Healthcare Marketing Services (a division of Positive Fulfillment Services Ltd.) in early 1998. The mandate was to work with pharmaceutical companies and doctors to develop a sampling platform that would far exceed anything that was being offered at that time. To accomplish this Pharmilink assembled a team highly skilled in marketing, data management and mining, as well as the management and fulfillment of pharmaceutical products.

Today, we offer an HCP member base of over 63,000 Physicians and Nurse Practitioners, a remarkable client base of major pharmaceutical companies and have just completed the mailing of our 72nd sample catalogue, offering a wide range of valuable products. Our fully licensed facility is supported by our Quality Assurance department and trained operations staff.

We have successfully executed the original mandate by being the first to implement the following:

    • Compile the largest and most up to date database of actively practicing physicians
    • Set up a PIN driven member base
    • Implement customized order forms
    • Establish a website with on line ordering available to our member physicians
    • Variable sampling
    • Highly targeted sampling within the Physicians’ Pharmilink Program
    • Data collection and mining

We continue to invest in the necessary resources and creative thinking to ensure that Physicians’ Pharmilink offers a superior service in the most cost-effective environment.

We are proud of our clients' accomplishments and that Physicians' Pharmilink is now the leading HCP sampling service in Canada.

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