A.I. at Google Sheila Moody June 14, 2023

A.I. at Google

“We’re here to put AI to work for your business” – Google.  

“You might be thinking, wow, it’s a tough time to be a marketer… It’s actually the best time to be a marketer”; Philip Schindler, SVP, Chief Business Officer, Google commented in May 2023 at Google Marketing Live – on the huge shifts underway in the industry…“because AI is going to supercharge your ability to keep up with the speed, demands and unpredictability of consumers like never before.” Promise or threat? It depends on your willingness to reinvent yourself and your organization’s ability to embrace change. 

Check out Google’s 5-minute highlight video which touches on AI at the core of Google Ads, AI assisted asset creation in Performance Max, and their new Merchant Centre Experience Next – for those of you with eStores. For a longer read, here’s Wired’s take on the flurry of AI activity at Google. 

How applicable is this to digital Patient and HCP communications in the highly regulated Canadian context? AI can be used to personalize messaging, analyze large amounts of data, and improve targeting and segmentation. However, it’s important for marketers to ensure that AI is used ethically and with patient privacy in mind. Does your business have an AI transformation strategy in place? 

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